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Dancing with Scarves

31 July 2020

An Easy At-Home Learning Activity!

At present when we are encouraged to stay home due to COVID-19 and we know how it can feel hard to think of ways to always keep the children busy and engaged.

However, we have an easy suggestion for you!

Why not pull out some scarves, cloth or material and turn up those tunes! It’s a great way to also add some exercise for those pent up wiggles!

There are learning and development benefits too!

Dancing with scarves can work at:

-Teaching positional language and direction tracking. How? The children are visually tracking the scarfs and placing them in many directions and positions.

-Improving eye-hand co-ordination.

-Increasing vocabulary as we verbally describe what we are doing with our scarves (think of all of the words ‘up/down ‘side’ ‘left to right’ ‘high/low’).

-Improving listening skills as they scarves based on musical or verbal cues.

Go on and get groovin!

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