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Helping to create a smooth transition to school.

Delivered by qualified teachers, Integricare’s Preschool program is a time of transition, learning and fun.
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Suitable for:

3-5 years

*Based on a child being 3years of age as at 1st July of each year.

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Operating hours:


(times may vary – check with centre) Closed during public and school holidays

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Our facilities consist of purposefully designed indoor and outdoor learning spaces and age-specific equipment and furniture. All with the aim of developing young minds through play and creative engagement.

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What’s unique:

Our staff are all qualified professional educators who are at the forefront of identifying learning needs and tailoring a program for each child. Building their language, numeracy and literacy skills is the foundation from which they can build their independence and be ready to transition to ‘big school’.

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Why choose an Integricare Preschool?

Nurturing and experienced staff

Every year, the majority of families surveyed rate our learning and care as either “excellent” or “exceptional”. Our highly skilled educators are not only passionate about what they do. but they genuinely care about the success of each child. They provide the nurture and care your child needs to feel safe. supported and loved.

Ashfield Early Learning Centre
Ashfield Early Learning Centre
Welcoming and safe environments

Our centre at provides a welcoming, homelike environment where children, families and staff feel like they belong. Our educators work to make sure all children feel safe, so they can fully engage in learning, build new skills and develop meaningful relationships with others

Engaging educational activities

Every educational activity at Integricare is carefully planned to be both meaningful and engaging. We use the interests and experiences of each individual child to plan and implement a range of learning activities designed to ignite curiosity and encourage learning.

A personalised experience

At our centres, we believe that each child and family is unique with their own individual needs. We continuously go the extra mile to give our families what they need to have the best possible childcare experience. We work to ensure that every child and family experiences a genuine sense of belonging at our centre. You will always feel like valued part of our Integricare family.

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Why Preschool Img
Why Preschool Img
Why Preschool Img

Why are the preschool years so important?

About 90% of a child’s brain development occurs within the first 2000 days of their lives. This development is enhanced when learning needs are identified early and addressed before they attend Kindergarten.

The engagement of speech pathologists, optometrists, dentists and similar medical services assist every child to reach their learning potential in readiness for school.

Our programs are centred on social interaction, awareness of the world around them and learning through play builds resilience in children as they prepare for their transition.

What Expect Preschool Img
What Expect Preschool Img
What Expect Preschool Img

What can you expect to see in a preschool program?

Our approach to teaching and learning varied according to the age of the children. Our Early Learning Centres (Long Day Care) and Preschools both offer a PreSchool Program, which begins from 3 years of age.

For children in the pre-Kindergarten age category, every Integricare Early Education centre has a specific Transition to School Program that is designed uniquely for them based on their specific needs.

Children in younger age categories (Long Day Care) are offered tailored programs that focus on key learning skills in a fun and interactive environment.

Click here to learn more about the program at each centre.

Typical Preschool Img
Typical Preschool Img
Typical Preschool Img

A typical day at preschool

Each Preschool has a different program that is centred around the unique learning needs of each child. Each day is structured around key outdoor learning experiences, art, music, environmental activities, awareness programs, meal breaks, excursions and the occasional visit from a health professional.

Whilst structure is important, flexibility to respond to children’s preferences on a daily basic is an important part of our educational philosophy. What is typical is that each day at an Integricare Early Education Centre is not the same as the other. This variety, within creative learning environments, is important as a child’s brain continues to develop and their capacity to learn grows.

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s Your Child Ready for School? Five Simple Tips for Parents to Prepare at Home!
s Your Child Ready for School? Five Simple Tips for Parents to Prepare at Home!

What do our employees think?

Read our employee testimonials
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Starting Preschool guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

Both operate in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and as such there is little difference and quality of educators should not vary according to the type of service. The main difference is the length of hours offered, with preschool hours similar to those of a school. Both preschool and long day care offer a preschool curriculum, that is “School Readiness” programs. The funding of preschools and long day care centres also varies, which affects fees, with preschool rates lower than long day care centres.

Yes, if your child attends a long day or occasional care service. If your child attends a preschool, from the 1st July 2018 families will no longer be able to claim any form of benefit or rebate for children due to the Start Strong initiative which subsidises fees for children turning four by the 31st July each year.

The Manager of the service will contact you and offer you a position. Once you have accepted, you will then be invited to visit the service, for orientation visits and to complete the enrolment package. You will also be asked to pay a bond at this point. At this time, a specific orientation plan will be arranged for your child. All children are required to attend orientation visits prior to their first day. Some children are happy to jump straight in and stay the whole day, others need a few shorter days to start with. This will be tailored to individual families and any specific needs they have.

This depends on the age of the children and the total number of children. We abide by the requirements of the governing body for our sector, ACECQA, and the number of teachers is in accordance with ratios in regulations.

Yes. This is offered for children in the year before going to school. Sometimes these programs are done in collaboration with a local school and thus vary in their approach from centre to centre. Most services also hold a transition to school night with a local Principal.

We are closed on public holidays, and have a shutdown period over the Christmas & New Year period. Services will then be closed according to the type of early learning service. Preschools operate in accordance with the school terms whereas our long day and occasional care services shut down only between the period between Christmas and generally the second Monday in January.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, the majority of our communication is electronic (email). Each of our services vary in how they interact with families but you may be invited to a Parent Information Night, receive notes from the teachers and managers and email as appropriate. Moving forward we are seeking to enhance our communication with e-based platforms, social media and our website.

Fees can be paid in a variety of ways, Bpay, Direct Debit, EFTPOS, Credit Card, in person or over the phone. We ask fees to be paid 2 weeks in advance. We welcome all cards, except for accept AMEX.

Generally, yes. However, the Service Manager is able to waive this fee in exceptional circumstances. The best approach is contact your child’s centre and inform them that you may potentially late. In situations where staff need to be paid overtime for working past their allocated hours the Service Manager may ask you cover that additional cost.

Yes. Food is provided in long day care services. Menus are on display at each service and we cater for allergies and intolerances and provide alternative foods as needed. Where practical we also consider offering foods according to cultural and religious requirements. Please ask the Service Manager if you have any questions in regard to your child’s specific dietary requirements.

No. Our approach is flexible according to each child and parental needs. Some centres have a designated “rest time” although Educators are very aware of the children’s needs and will provide quiet or relaxation time for the children as needed. Usually in long day care services, children will get tired and require a rest or sleep time. Also, the younger the children, the more likely they are to require a sleep.

If your child is sick, you need to keep them at home. This can be hard, especially when families have work obligations, but necessary to protect the health of all children at the service. Please contact the service to inform the Educators your child will be absent. If the absence is due to a contagious illness the family is required to submit a medical certificate from a recognised medical practitioner when returning to the service, stating clearly that the child is fit and healthy to return.

A drink bottle filled with water, hat, nappies (if required) and spare clothes. Sheets, meals are provided for Long Day Care services. Please label all items with your child’s name.

Integricare welcomes all feedback, both positive and negative. We see this as an opportunity for growth. Depending on the nature of the concern, if it is minor bring it to the attention of your child’s Educator. If it is of a more major nature, you will need to speak with the Service Manager. These matters are sometimes difficult to address if they are presented at drop-off and pick-up times, so we welcome phone calls and email correspondence if this suits you better.

Our approach is similar to that of a school, your fees are for a period of instruction regardless of whether your child is in attendance or not. Services plan in advance and employ staff accordingly, particularly if they are permanent employees. Also, this ensures that your child can retain their place upon their return, and thus fees must be paid in advance during absence. Alternatively, the family can give four weeks’ notice to withdraw their child then re- apply for the waiting list when they return.

Yes. From 2 July 2018, one new Child Care Subsidy will replace the two current child care payments. This transition does not happen automatically. To transition, you will need to complete an online Child Care Subsidy assessment using your Centrelink online account through myGov. You will be asked to provide some new information and confirm your current details, including combined family income, activity levels of parents and the type of child care service you need. The Package includes a new Child Care Subsidy, which replaces the current Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate. The Child Care Subsidy will be paid directly to services. Follow this link to find out more.

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Co-operation and communication with parents

We value healthy and collaborative communication with the families of children in our care.

Integricare uses Storypark to share information, news, highlights of each day with families. This window into the day-to-day happenings in our centres is highly regarded by our families.

We also encourage meeting with families on a more formal basis to discuss your child’s progress or any questions you may have about our programs or approach to learning. Sometimes, enquiring further and understanding more is invaluable in a child’s learning experience at home, which allows parents to become more engaged with their child’s development

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Transition to school

A Transition to School Program at Integricare involves collaboration with local schools and increasing a child’s understanding of what to expect from this transition.

Educators and teachers design specific activities that helps this understanding and we aim to replicate the Kindergarten environment as best as we can.

Co-operative relationships with local school also creates an opportunity for those schools to understand the learning history of a child enrolling in their school and for them to be aware of any needs that they need to be aware of.

Transition School Img Transition School Img