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North Strathfield

Early Learning Centre with extended hours preschool

Int Locations Parramatta 03 859x596
Children At Parramatta Early Learning Centre
Parramatta Early Learning Centre
Childcare Early Learning Centre
Int Locations Parramatta 03 859x596
Children At Parramatta Early Learning Centre
Parramatta Early Learning Centre
Childcare Early Learning Centre

Centre Information

North Strathfield Early Learning Centre

Rated “Excellent” or “Exceptional” by over 90% of families, Integricare’s Early Learning Centre at North Strathfield offers a specialised preschool program and 11 hours of early learning and care per weekday. The centre is open for 48 weeks of the year, perfect for busy families during school holiday periods. Our centre operates in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and our highly-trained educators implement crucial early learning programs that focus on transitioning to school from day one.

Our centre’s purpose to enable children, families and communities to experience the love of Jesus, and in keeping with Integricare’s core mission objectives we seek to:

  • Firstly, pursue excellence in early learning to ensure that these most crucial developmental years for the children are full of learning opportunities.
  • Secondly, have all staff endeavour to equip and care for families holistically – going the extra mile to engage and support children and their families.
  • Thirdly, prioritise community engagement, regularly partnering with local initiatives in the local area but also engaging the child’s extended family and community.
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About us

Our Early Learning Centre at North Strathfield is located adjacent to the historic Ardill House, the former residence of our founder George Ardill.

Our friendly team of educators have a passion for each child’s development and working closely with families. Highly qualified and experienced, they provide an individualised educational program that aims to meet the diverse needs of all children who attend. Parents are encouraged to participate in the program by volunteering at the centre and communicating the expectations for their child’s learning to the educators.

The children learn through play and interest-based activities that are developmentally appropriate for each child’s age. Our programs are designed to build on children’s home and community literacy experiences and includes literacy practices that are relevant to children’s everyday lives as well as familiar texts from their homes and communities.

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Why Choose Integricare?

At Integricare we are committed to providing exceptional learning and care for your child. Families trust their children to us because:
We are inclusive

We welcome all families from various backgrounds, diverse cultures and many faiths.

We are not-for-profit

Our commitment to excellence is driven by exceptional educational outcomes first and foremost, without compromising our need to also operate a business responsibly.

Of our staff

Our families consistently rate our passionate educators highly, who are known for going the extra mile for children.

We see parents as first educators

We believe that families are children’s first educators and that our role is to work closely with them as co-educators.

Our size is just right

Our network of early learning centres is not so extensive that we are too large, and we are not so small that we don’t have the resources to provide an excellent learning environment. We have a healthy balance that easily enables the sharing of knowledge amongst our network of educators, which translates into the quality of our programs.

Of our Christian identity

We have a strong Christian ethic and a rich history, having served families since 1882. It’s in our DNA to reflect the Christian faith in a way that is valued by families.

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What do our families think?

Read our family testimonials
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