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Integricare Learning Tips: Sensory Play!

15 July 2022

Here is a FUN sensory activity you can do at home to boost your child’s learning!

Integricare Learning Tips: Sensory Play


  1. Fill buckets, tubs, or containers with a range of different textures.
  2. Use your imagination about what you can place inside… but some suggestions could be rice, water, soap bubbles, leaves, sand, or shredded paper.
  3. Bury in lego pieces, magnet letters/numbers, favourite toys, cars, or whatever you can think of for your child to find!
  4. Have your child feel inside the containers and discuss with them what they have found and what they see!


Sensory learning has endless benefits for young children!

Learning Benefits include developing:

  • Language skills.
  • Tolerance to different sensations.
  • Fine motor skills.


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Integricare Learning Tips: Sensory Play! - Integricare Learning Tips: Sensory Play! -

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