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Math at Home Learning

28 August 2020

Here are some quick and easy math ideas for at-home learning!


1) Measure liquids in different sized containers– ask children to line up smallest to largest

2) Explore money such as different value coins and notes and discuss with children how you use these

3) Draw numbers 1-10 on a big piece of paper and ask children to go on a treasure hunt for the right amount of items to correspond to the number. There are many ways to vary this such as “only find red items”, “only fruits” “only stuff from your bedroom”

4) Do some cooking together– get children involved in the weighing, measuring, mixing and counting!

5) Building towers and measure these with rulers, tape measures, scales– You can explore positional and directional language such as long, short, wide, tall and so on

6) Use toys to do addition and subtraction games

7) Roll dice and do exercises– i.e. if you roll a 5 do five star jumps together

8) Go on a colour hunt, shape hunt, number hunt in the house

9) Sort, sort, and sort again– you could get children to sort laundry, cutlery, food,  shoes, toys, loose odds, and ends. Get them to compare here too. ‘What’s the same? What’s not the same?”

10) Do a jumping competition– get children to count how many times they can jump or do movement until they are tired. You could make this a competition and write down the results for numeral awareness

11) Measure foot with a piece of string and ask children to hunt around the house for items the same size

12) Make food plates to create faces, patterns, animals, towers

13) Collect natural items in the backyard or outside on a walk and bring them home and make patterns, towers, and so on

Math at Home Learning -

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