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Literacy at Home Learning

28 August 2020

Here are some quick and easy literacy ideas for at-home learning!


1) Read Together– Never stop reading!

2) Audiobooks with Audible

3) Youtube storytime with Emma

4) Library storytimes 

5) Play a rhyming game with how many words rhyme with [choose word].

6) Sing songs together

7) How many items can you see that start with [insert letter] guessing game.

8) Create a card and post it to somebody

9) Have a go at drawing/tracing names, letters, numerals, shapes

10) Let them make something out of other things

11) A small writer station! If you don’t have a small table and chairs use a tub or large pencil case. Provide various types of paper and writing/drawing implements. Including tape, scissors, sticky notes, and a stapler can further encourage your child’s creativity

11)Share stories of your life and childhood with your children

12)Make up a story, you can even get your child to illustrate this or have a go at writing some of the words if they’re at this stage

13)Chalk drawing outside

14)Water painting with a bucket and brush

15) Clapping, stomping, jumping the syllables of words

16)Talk to your child about choosing items during the day, such as cereal. Draw your child’s attention to such things as the signage on a food packet and compare this to another packet (for example weetbix and cornflakes)

17)Dramatic Play– playing dress-ups, doctors, restaurants, and so on

18)Scavenger hunts


Literacy at Home Learning -

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