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Health and Wellbeing at Home Learning

28 August 2020

Here are some quick and easy ideas for health and wellbeing learning at home!


1) Encourage children to explore a range of healthy food through a variety of play-based experiences, for example cooking together, pretending to shop with food at home, or visit the shops together

2) Play hide and go seek

3) Treasure hunt in the house

4) Obstacle course 

5) Jump like an animal game (i.e. jump like a frog. Crawl like a bear and so on)

6) Cosmic kids yoga 

7) Sports Australia workout generator

8) Roll a dice choose the activity games

9)Joe Wicks Fitness videos 

10) Free fundamental movement pack

11) Toddlers and Pre-schoolers Movement Activities:

12) School-aged children with younger siblings or you can do as a family:

13) At home escape the room:

14) Calm down activity all ages:

Health and Wellbeing at Home Learning -

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