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Art and Sensory Learning At Home Learning

28 August 2020

Here are some quick and easy art and sensory ideas for at-home learning!


1) Remember to always check out pinterest for SO many awesome ideas!!

2) Playdough 

3) A mix of great at-home art ideas

4) 2 ingredient cloud dough 

5) Use cars to paint

6) Draw your family

7) Draw a place you would like to visit when COVID19 has passed.

8) Draw your favourite food

9)Build with recycled containers– make a space ship, a cubby house, puppet show, castle… endless opportunities!

10)Draw a treasure map of your house and go on a hunt

11)Draw pictures of sunset, your house, garden, toys.. Let them think of the idea!

12)Make your own puppets for a puppet show

13) Ask your child to do an art show for the family– You could even do videocall to show to grandparents or other friends or family!

14) Paint, paint and more painting!! The same goes for drawing too!

15) Shaving cream in a tray with food colouring

16) Toilet roll recreating 

17) Painting with oil to make a marble effect 

18) Ice painting 

19) Painting with teabags

Art and Sensory Learning At Home Learning -

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