Playtimes at Home: Marble Maze

Don’t lose your marbles in lockdown!

Vetti our Mission Development Manager has been busy creating exciting and easy ways to keep the children learning and busy during the COVID19 lockdown.

This time around it is a homemade marble maze!

Have a look at this great idea:

Some simple resources to do this:

-Cardboard rolls

-Cardboard box


-Sticky Tape

-A door


How to do this?

Sticky tape the rolls onto the door (like featured) to roll marbles through.

To create turns, add cardboard and then continue with the rolls.

You could make two tracks and have a race!


This fun activity is teaching and developing:

-Engineering and building skills

-Problem-solving, resilience, and trial and error

-Math consider spatial skills and those predicting and estimating abilities

-Promotes teamwork, communication, and collaboration


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