science experiment

Science at Home Learning

Here are some quick and easy science ideas for at-home learning!


1) An easy experiment with pepper and soap to show germs being eradicated by soap! 

2) Handwashing with paint 

3) Rain cloud in a jar

4) Milk experiment 

5) Make a volcano

6) A great flower discovery involving melting and learning parts of the plant 

7) Change colours of white flowers 

8) You can also change the colour of celery plants 

9) Colour mixing with paper towels

10) At home lava lamp

11) Invisible ink experiment 

12) Moldy bread– teaching why we wash hands before eating 

13) Regrowing vegetables from scraps

14) Research an animal every day– find out facts

15) Go on a bug hunt or nature walk with magnifying glass & research plants and creatures you find

16) Explore what happens when you float or sink items