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Services for Families: Community Links

30 March 2021

Integricare, a local not-for-profit organisation, has put together an information booklet to help vulnerable people in the Rockdale Community.


Download Link: Rockdale Booklet

Services for Families: Community Links -


This great little booklet is packed with free (or minimal cost) activities and services from our local church communities. Inside you will find everything from playgroups to financial advice, even a place to shower and wash your clothes.

This booklet guides you to support, which is especially important in these trying COVID times. We know that with the jobseeker govt payments coming to an end,  especially now more than ever, some people may find themselves needing some extra help.

We have been so excited to share this resource with you, especially after our recent book launch at Integricare’s Roslyn Hall in Rockdale.

We were very honoured to do this launch with Lala Noronha, Kogarah Woman of the year for 2020.

Lala gave us such a sense of inspiration as she shared the realness about her journey of living in a garage, to now becoming the amazingly successful general Manager of The Kogarah Storehouse.

This is a fantastic organisation helping many vulnerable people. Check it out:

The little book of help is free to any in need and can be sourced from the 18 local churches that are providing services to help those in need or you can access it via this online link: Rockdale Booklet

For further information, please contact: Yvette or 0422997986

Link: Integricare’s Early Learning and Preschool locations

Link: Integricare Family Support Services and Playgroups

Link: Integricare Facebook

Link: Integricare Instagram

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