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Nurturing Little Minds: 5 Essential Adventures before primary school! image
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School Readiness

Nurturing Little Minds: 5 Essential Adventures before primary school!

19 January 2024

The early years of a child’s life set the foundation for their future, and at Integricare Early Learning Centres throughout Australia, we are committed to creating a nurturing environment that fosters the thriving development of every child.

As the new year unfolds, it marks the final year of preschool for some of our families, signalling the imminent transition to primary school.

Today, let’s delve into five crucial aspects essential for preparing a child for this significant school transition. Additionally, we’ll provide simple ways you can actively support and encourage these aspects at home.

1) Cultivating Social Bonds:

Social is the way. At Integricare, we understand the importance of socialisation. Our Early Learning Centres provide a supportive space where children engage in group activities, play, and participate in collaborative projects. These experiences foster essential social skills, teaching children the art of sharing, effective communication, and navigating the dynamics of social interactions.

Encourage at Home: Arrange playdates, involve children in community events or playgroups, and create opportunities for group activities to enhance their social skills.

2. Empowering Independence: “You got this babe!” We believe in empowering young minds to take charge of their daily routines. Integricare encourages the development of independence and self-help skills. From dressing themselves to tidying up after play, children at our centres learn to navigate the world with confidence and autonomy.

Encourage at Home: Assign age-appropriate tasks.  Let them choose their clothes, and help them with following a routine that allows them to take responsibility for their personal space. Support them to take part in tasks like gardening, cooking and cleaning (PS: make it fun!).  Tip: Adding visuals for basic routines like getting dressed and teeth brushing can enhance comprehension and understanding too.

3) Language Enrichment:
Our Early Learning Centres are immersed in a language-rich environment. Through storytelling, singing, and engaging conversations, children at Integricare develop language and cognitive skills. This linguistic exposure is a cornerstone for their academic journey, ensuring they enter formal education with a strong foundation.

Encourage at Home: Read together, engage in conversations, and expose children to a variety of books. Encourage storytelling and singing as part of your daily interactions.

4) Fine and Gross Motor Mastery:Integricare embraces a holistic approach to development. Our centres incorporate activities that refine both fine and gross motor skills. Whether it’s artistic endeavours like finger painting or outdoor play promoting physical activity, these experiences contribute to overall health and readiness for more advanced activities.

Encourage at Home: Encourage outdoor play, provide materials for creative activities, and engage in activities that involve both fine and gross motor skills (playdough, drawing, painting, sand, cooking, threading, lego as ideas).

5) Early Learning, Playfully Presented: Integricare introduces basic learning concepts in a playful and interactive manner. Our age-appropriate activities expose children to numbers, letters, shapes, and colours, sparking curiosity and laying the groundwork for structured learning. We believe in making the early learning journey enjoyable and engaging. Play is how children learn at this age. It is the method for success!

Encourage at Home:
Infuse learning into play at home by turning everyday activities into fun adventures. Count toys together, spot letters on packaging during outings, and make art projects a colourful exploration of shapes and creativity. Dive into engaging stories with age-appropriate books, and introduce playful educational games (like i-spy, Fishing game, Pop the Pig). Create a routine that turns learning moments into games, whether it’s practicing finding letters on signs or taking educational fun outdoors. Celebrate achievements with positive vibes and involve the whole family, turning learning into a joyful, collaborative playtime that complements your child’s experience at Integricare,


If looking for a fantastic school transition program for your child, join us at Integricare!

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