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Is Your Child Ready for School? Five Simple Tips for Parents to Prepare at Home! image
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Is Your Child Ready for School? Five Simple Tips for Parents to Prepare at Home!

04 August 2023


Kiana Bosman 0pb01u2ndcq UnsplashThe journey to starting school is a significant milestone in a child’s life. As parents, you want to ensure that your little one is well-prepared and excited for this new adventure. At Integricare Early Learning, we understand the importance of this transition, and we’re here to offer some valuable insights and tips to help you gauge your child’s readiness and support them at home. Let’s explore how you can make this transition smoother and more enjoyable for your child with 5 simple tips for home! 

1) Social and Emotional Readiness:
One of the crucial aspects of school readiness is your child’s social and emotional development. Ensure that they can comfortably interact with other children and adults, express their needs, and manage their emotions. At home, encourage open communication, engage in imaginative play, and read stories that explore different emotions. Encourage your child to express themselves through drawing, writing, or talking about their day.

Nathan Dumlao P5mxtyfgmmw Unsplash


2) Independence and Self-Care Skills:
School brings new responsibilities for children, such as dressing themselves, using the bathroom independently, and tidying up after playtime. Remember there will be fewer adults in the room compared to preschool, so the more confidence your child has with these skills will give them a stronger sense of capability throughout the day. Encourage self-help skills by letting your child dress themselves (even if it takes longer!), practice using the bathroom without assistance, and involve them in tidying up their toys or simple chores. It can help to add visuals to break down the steps and help your child have success at following their routines.


Morning Routine

3) Fine Motor and Pre-Writing Skills:
Developing fine motor skills is crucial for school success, as it impacts handwriting and other essential tasks. Engage your child in activities that strengthen their fine motor skills, such as puzzles, playdough, art, building with blocks, threading beads, or using scissors to cut paper. These activities can be both fun and beneficial in building dexterity.

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4) Listening and Following Instructions:
The ability to listen and follow instructions is essential in the classroom. Practice this skill at home by giving clear, simple instructions during playtime or daily routines. Use visuals and repetition to reinforce concepts, making learning engaging and memorable for your child. A fun way to build following instructions through play can also be simple games like hide and seek, Simon Says or red light/green light.

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5) Reading and Literacy:
Reading together is a fantastic way to ignite your child’s love for learning and language. Create a cozy reading nook at home and introduce them to a variety of books. Encourage them to participate in the storytelling process, ask questions, and predict what happens next. These interactions foster a positive relationship with books and learning. Get creative with the process and add puppets or make props together for the story!

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Conclusion: At Integricare Early Learning, we believe that the journey to school readiness is one filled with excitement and growth. By recognising and nurturing your child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development, you are laying a strong foundation for their educational journey. Through play, exploration, and engaging activities at home, you can support and empower your child to embrace this new chapter with confidence and curiosity. Remember, every child is unique, so celebrate their individual progress and readiness. Together, we can ensure that your child thrives in their early learning experiences, setting them up for a successful and fulfilling educational journey ahead. If you have any further questions about getting your little one ready for school, please feel free to discuss with your child’s teachers at Integricare.


If looking for a fantastic school transition program for your child, join us at Integricare!

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