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05 April 2023

The Benefits of Camping: A Lesson in Gratefulness

Vacations are a fantastic way to recharge, but the cost can quickly add up if done frequently. As someone who seeks value for money, I’d rather spend nothing on a campfire in the wilderness than $300 a night for a hotel room with a fireplace. Of course, there are drawbacks to camping, such as smoke, noisy neighbors, crying children, barking dogs, pests, dirt, and the challenge of setting up and packing down.

However, there are benefits as well: free adventure, meeting new people, exploring Australia’s landscape, seeing wildlife, getting exercise, enjoying campfires, marshmallows, waterfalls, nature, and taking a break from the city. It’s a challenge to survive in the bush, but it’s also an opportunity to learn gratitude.

After camping, I’m grateful for my bed and the conveniences of home, such as easy access to water, bathing, and lighting. It’s only when I go without these luxuries that I appreciate what I have. Humans can easily become dissatisfied with life, always wanting more, but practicing gratitude can help us see the good in people and situations. When we spread that goodness, we create a positive cycle, making it easier to be thankful even on difficult days.

God tells us to be thankful in the bible, not only does please God, but it’s also for our own good!

When we are thankful we look for the good in people and our circumstances. And this then fills our soul. When our soul is filled with goodness we then spread this to others; like lashings of jam and cream on a warm scone. We are now creating a positive cycle loop- so even if we’re having a rough day, someone that we have been thankful for can also be filled up- ready to spread that love to others.

So, what are you grateful for today? It’s a question worth pondering.

Blessings Yvette Wynne

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