Christian Preschool
in partnership with Drummoyne Baptist church

77 Tranmere Street, Drummoyne NSW 2047


(02) 9181 4088




Mon-Fri, 8:15am-3:45pm


$32-66 (as of 2020)


Offering 29 places


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Preschool at Drummoyne

Integricare’s early learning centre at Drummoyne, in partnership with Drummoyne Baptist church provides a preschool service. The centre caters for children aged 3-5 years, teaching a preschool curriculum operating in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). This provides crucial early learning development and a School Readiness Program for attending children – ensuring that the transition to primary school is smooth both socially and academically. Integricare Christian Preschool Drummoyne operates from 8:15am-3:45pm and offers 29 places for children.


Drummoyne Preschool champions Integricare’s purpose to enable children, families and communities to experience the love of Jesus, as well as Integricare’s core mission objectives. Firstly, the pursuit of excellence in early learning to ensure that these most crucial developmental years for the children are full of learning opportunities. Secondly, Drummoye staff endeavour to equip and care for families holistically – going the extra mile to engage and support children and their families. Thirdly, Drummoyne Preschool prioritises community engagement, regularly partnering with local initiatives and maintaining close ties to Drummoyne Baptist Church.


Our qualified educators help to provide children with every opportunity to thrive. This includes extending their language, literacy and numeracy, teaching them to be creative and to take initiative, bolstering their confidence and independence as well as their social aptitude amongst their peers. All of this sets children up for a successful transition into primary school.

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Children must be taught how to think, not what you think.


– Margaret Mead

About us

Integricare Christian Preschool Drummoyne offers a home-like environment on premises owned by Drummoyne Baptist Church. The preschool benefits from regular visits from multiple ministers in the local area, strengthening the values based learning experience provided by educators.


The team at Drummoyne Preschool have created an energetic atmosphere where singing, dancing and play are part of a typical day. Our Drummoyne centre is renowned for its commitment to providing a Christian preschool environment that is warm, nurturing and inviting to all families within the community. Dedicated and experienced staff provide individualised programs that foster each child’s interests and enhance their personal learning journey. We encourage parental involvement in our preschool through our parent social and fundraising committee, parent volunteers and community visits.

Why Choose Integricare?

At Integricare Christian Preschool Drummoyne, we are committed to providing excellent learning and care for your child. Families entrust their children to us because:
  • We are inclusive: We welcome all families from various backgrounds, diverse cultures and many faiths.
  • Of our staff: Our families consistently rate our passionate educators highly, who are known for going the extra mile for children.
  • Our size is just right: Our network of early learning centres is not so extensive that we are too large, and we are not so small that we don’t have the resources to provide an excellent learning environment. We have a healthy balance that easily enables the sharing of knowledge amongst our network of educators, which translates into the quality of our programs.
  • We are not-for-profit: Our commitment to excellence is driven by exceptional educational outcomes first and foremost, without compromising our need to also operate a business responsibly.
  • We see parents as first educators: We believe that families are children’s first educators and that our role is to work closely with them as co-educators.
  • Of our Christian identity: We have a strong Christian ethic and a rich history, having served families since 1882. It’s in our DNA to reflect the Christian faith in a way that is valued by families.
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18      Responsible Pet Ownership Program
19      Something Wild
 Something Wild


10      Responsible Pet Ownership Program


14      Bugs Business
16      Bugs Business



18      Feel Brave
20     Feel Brave







16      Big Tops and Tiny Tots
19      Big Tops and Tiny Tots




5      Hop Hop Bop
8      Hop Hop Bop
12    Rock Pool Explore
Rock Pool Explore




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