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Parenting Truthfulness

28 May 2024

Training truthfulness in our children was extremely important to us; being able to trust our child’s words when they got older and independent was paramount.

So, when our 5-year-old child started lying, it was a big deal for us. And no matter how much I stressed that he shouldn’t do it, he kept at it because it was working for him. You see, he was so clever that I couldn’t catch him out in a definite lie. Beaten but not defeated, prayed. I asked God to help me out.

Then an incident happened. All the children were bathing together (4 of them), and someone kept emptying the bubbles and water out onto the floor. I happened to walk past and see my son do it, but he didn’t know I saw him. This was my moment. I was born for this.

I came in and asked them all, who spilled the bath water?

Of course, all denied doing it, even the one that did. But I already knew and reprimanded him accordingly. I also went on a rant about what happens to liars when they are fully grown. This really scared him. I never remember him lying to me again, and in fact his 5th grade teacher told me that he trusts what he says as he doesn’t lie.

If you are a truthful person, you’ll knowingly or unknowingly seek out truth. If you’ve never done it, can I challenge you to seek out the one person who has walked on this earth and claimed to be truth itself?

Take the time to check out what Jesus said in the Bible, and the reaction of others to his words. People who were confronted with the truth reacted in different ways:

Some tried to kill the Messanger, others were humble enough to accept it straight away, and still others went on a mission to research and find out if his claims were legit.

My heart for you is to seek out the truth, resist trying to make it bend to your will, but allow it to change you. It might be painful at first, but you’ll be so glad you did!


Question for your team: What values are important to you? Why did you choose this value? Blessings, Vetti x

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life.” John 14:6

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