honest with yourself

Being Honest with Yourself

While many individuals view reality TV as trash, it can actually be enlightening. Observing how individuals communicate their arguments to others can be a valuable learning experience. Unfortunately, some people have a tendency to twist the story and paint themselves as victims, even when they were the perpetrators. These individuals are not honest with themselves or others, and as a result, are unlikely to change their behavior.

We need to be truthful, even if we do the wrong thing. When I was about 24 years old at our Family Christmas we used to do races. Now I was very excited about entering a running race, as I hadn’t run one since I was at school and was ready to prove my prowess. We had a handicap system, and being the youngest I was told to start way behind the others. They shouted “GO” and I took off but there was a hitch. My older and slower Aunty Lola was in the way. Without skipping a beat I shoved her so hard she fell over!

After the race she came up to me and told me that I’d shoved her over. For that split second I thought about denying and lying. I didn’t. Instead I admitted it. “Yep, Aunty Lola you were in my way.”

And we had a good ‘ol laugh. I’m not sure I apologised but at least I didn’t lie. And that’s a good start to changing my behaviour. Pretty sure I’ve never shoved someone over again, so I must have learnt.

So our lesson for today? Let’s not lie and deny, but instead admit and commit to being better.

Question: Have you been tempted to lie to avoid trouble?

Blessings Yvette Wynne