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Christian Learning,

Being Honest with Yourself

05 April 2023

While many individuals view reality TV as trash, it can actually be enlightening. Observing how individuals communicate their arguments to others can be a valuable learning experience. Unfortunately, some people have a tendency to twist the story and paint themselves as victims, even when they were the perpetrators. These individuals are not honest with themselves or others, and as a result, are unlikely to change their behavior.

We need to be truthful, even if we do the wrong thing. When I was about 24 years old at our Family Christmas we used to do races. Now I was very excited about entering a running race, as I hadn’t run one since I was at school and was ready to prove my prowess. We had a handicap system, and being the youngest I was told to start way behind the others. They shouted “GO” and I took off but there was a hitch. My older and slower Aunty Lola was in the way. Without skipping a beat I shoved her so hard she fell over!

After the race she came up to me and told me that I’d shoved her over. For that split second I thought about denying and lying. I didn’t. Instead I admitted it. “Yep, Aunty Lola you were in my way.”

And we had a good ‘ol laugh. I’m not sure I apologised but at least I didn’t lie. And that’s a good start to changing my behaviour. Pretty sure I’ve never shoved someone over again, so I must have learnt.

So our lesson for today? Let’s not lie and deny, but instead admit and commit to being better.

Question: Have you been tempted to lie to avoid trouble?

Blessings Yvette Wynne

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