Being Generous with our Time

When our children were small, I ran Playgroup at our local church. I didn’t so much love the set up and pack up, but I loved the relationships built with other mums and dads. One particular mother had a 2 year old with a brain tumour, so we all rallied around her to cook meals.

A few years later I was driving with my children in the car. I wanted to change lanes but the silly ‘taxi driver’ behind me wasn’t allowing me in. So, I forced my way in anyway. Don’t mess with a stay at home Mumma :).

A few blocks down the road and a police siren starts blasting me, I had to pull over. I jumped out of the car thinking I hadn’t done anything wrong.

“What did I do Officer?” I spoke. “You damn near ran into me back there lady, I had to slam on the brakes otherwise I would have rear-ended you.” He replied.

Ops, that ‘taxi driver’ turned out to be a policeman.

He wanted my license, so I grabbed it from the car. Meanwhile my 4 young children were stressed out and praying hard! By this time I checked out the policeman’s name. Hmm, I remember that name, I thought to myself; he’s the hubby of one of the playgroup mums, the one I had cooked a dinner for.

Trying to sound casual, but not succeeding, I blurted out this fact.

“Oh, yes I thought I knew your face,” He responded, “Ok, off you go now and drive more carefully.”

I drove off relieved and without a ticket.

The children were very relieved and noting my driving thought I should cook meals for the Judge who lived down the road! Haha. I guess there’s a lot to be said for the bible verse, ‘You reap what you sow’. My driving was poor, so I reaped a potential fine. But as I’d sowed some good will, I was able to reap a favour from the police.

While we all make mistakes, it’s a good idea to help people where we can; To not fill our day so full that we can’t offer comfort or hope to someone in need.

Question: Is there someone that needs help today?

Be blessed, Yvette Wynne