Christian Preschool at Brighton Le Sands

Our children are valued, respected and their voices are heard.   We support meaningful learning with stimulating environments that encourage children to learn through their play. An active, hands on approach to learning is supported as Educator’s engage with children, scaffolding their learning and helping them extend their knowledge and skills in all developmental areas.


Through regular observations our Educator’s plan and implement a child centred program documented on ‘Our Learning Web’.  The web progresses as our curriculum continues to develop, extend and emerge from the child.  Our observations guide our program and assess the ongoing learning and development of children in order to monitor and guide how we can best support each child’s social and emotional development, communication skills, physical, cognitive and spiritual development.


As one of the leading preschools in Brighton Le Sands, our Educators believe that children benefit most when given the opportunity to experiment, discover, dream, imagine and express their original ideas in a free and open environment.  We run an indoor/outdoor program where the children are free to choose whether they want to be inside or outside. This creates a calm, peaceful environment as children make their own choices and are actively engaged in their play.  Fine motor activities such as drawing, writing, counting, fine motor construction and reading are always offered in our outdoor play space.


Progressive morning tea allows children to choose when they eat morning tea – this means that children who have had a late breakfast may choose to play and eat a little later.  At lunch time we do all sit down together as a learning family and talk about our day, our healthy lunches, the celebrations important to our culture and our families.


We are always reflecting on improving our program, our surroundings and our relationships with children and families.  We are inclusive. We welcome all families, from all cultures and religions.


Our Program and School Readiness: 


School Readiness is embedded into every part of our preschool. Our program at Integricare Preschool Brighton Le Sands is based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). As Educator’s we observe and guide meaningful learning through play,  provide time and opportunities for children to process information and to practice newly acquired skills.  We focus on the personal & social skills, physical skills, communication skills as well as the pre literacy and numeracy skills required for success at primary school.  All of this is done through play.  We aim to support and extend children’s literacy and numeracy learning through providing multiple opportunities for children to engage in literacy throughout the day.


We encourage the children to see themselves as successful learners and empower them through positive guidance techniques to accept responsibility for their own actions.

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Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.


– John Dewey

A Message from St Mark’s and St John’s Minister Steve Bryan…

Our Church began St Mark’s Preschool Kindergarten (now known as Integricare Preschool Brighton Le Sands) more than 40 years ago, to provide quality child-care to our community. The preschool is connected with St Mark’s (Brighton-Le-Sands) and St John’s (Rockdale) Anglican Church. Every week, our Christian Co-ordinator Lee, Myself or a Church Representative visit the preschool to lead a lesson with the children – read a children’s book on a Biblical theme, sing a Christian song and pray together. We call this time BLAST – Bible Learning at St Mark’s.


If your family is not Christian, please be assured that we are not trying to force your children to become Christians, but simply introducing them to the Christian message. You’ll also see me sometimes when you’re dropping off your child in the morning.   I’ll be there to provide support to the teachers and to get to know you and your children.


Integricare would like to thank the Board of St George Leagues Club for their generosity in supporting our Brighton Le Sands Preschool with a grant of $5000.

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Why Choose Integricare?

At Integricare Brighton Le Sands Christian Preschool, we are committed to providing excellent learning and care for your child. Families entrust their children to us because:
  • We are inclusive: We welcome all families from various backgrounds, diverse cultures and many faiths.
  • Of our staff: Our families consistently rate our passionate educators highly, who are known for going the extra mile for children.
  • Our size is just right: Our network of early learning centres is not so extensive that we are too large, and we are not so small that we don’t have the resources to provide an excellent learning environment. We have a healthy balance that easily enables the sharing of knowledge amongst our network of educators, which translates into the quality of our programs.
  • We are not-for-profit: Our commitment to excellence is driven by exceptional educational outcomes first and foremost, without compromising our need to also operate a business responsibly.
  • We see parents as first educators: We believe that families are children’s first educators and that our role is to work closely with them as co-educators.
  • Of our Christian identity: We have a strong Christian ethic and a rich history, having served families since 1882. It’s in our DNA to reflect the Christian faith in a way that is valued by families.
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