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Life only gets busier and faster, with time seeming to slip away from you with no idea where it’s gone. Juggling work commitments can pile on more stress and responsibilities to your already bursting to-do list, occupying most of your thoughts and time.

Add on top of that, children who depend on you and the word chaotic doesn’t even seem close to describing your life. How do you make sure you don’t lose touch with your family when your work life is taking over?

Create rituals. The easiest way to form a lasting connection between you and your child is by creating little rituals that both of you can look forward to every day. This could be a simple as hugging them every morning and night, or as creative as a secret handshake before they go off to childcare or school. Even the smallest action can strengthen a bond between you both, and will let your child know you’re thinking of them. It will also remind them that you’ll be back with them soon, and creates an order your child can become familiar with.

Unplug. If you’re home for dinner, make sure you unplug and keep dinner time as family time. Even if it’s a quick meal, you can ask your child questions about their day to make sure they know you care, and so you can keep up to date with their lives. Family meals provide an opportunity for family members to come together, strengthen ties and build better relationships. With small children, it is also used as a teaching tool, whether it be table manners, eating your vegetables or holding cutlery. 

Listen. If your schedule isn’t exact and you can’t always commit to unplugging at dinner time, explore the option of creating a specific time that works for you and your child to reconnect. Children usually spend the day being told what to do by adults, so give your kid a chance to talk about their day through their eyes. If you have the time, play games with your child that they want to play. Listening to what they want and need is very important in maintain your relationship, and will give them incredible memories of their childhood.

Take it where you can get it. Sometimes life doesn’t slow down and you just can’t find that space for quality time. So, the next best option is to squeeze in time where you can. If you drive your child to childcare or school, use the drive as an opportunity to listen to them and ask how they are. Spend your morning eating with them, or get ready for your day with them. Keep the connection strong in any way you can. Even if you think the gesture is small, your children will think the world of it.

Even though life can be busy, make time where you can and listen to your child. Dive into their world and see things through their eyes. Even a little time is better than no time at all!

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