Facing the thought of your child entering Childcare

Integricare - Facing the thought of your child entering Childcare

After spending the first few years with your new-born, the thought of leaving your child in childcare for the first time can be uncomfortable and daunting. You might be entering the workforce again or simply accepting the fact your child needs to be introduced into Early Learning Care and you’re an emotional wreck!

Here are some tips to ensure your child’s first day at day care is positive and exciting while also ensuring you don’t allow your emotions to take over.

Pick the right place for your family. The first and most important step, is choosing the most suitable childcare centre for your family in your neighbourhood. Integricare operates across many Sydney metropolitan hubs including Parramatta/Northmead, Strathfield, Homebush, Rockdale and Turrella This means doing research on childcare centres around your home or work area, understanding the daily routine that your child will be a part of, the activities that your child will participate in, the kind of children that attend the childcare centre and, perhaps most crucial of all, the staff that will look after your child. Don’t be afraid to go into the centre beforehand, with your child in tow, and have a thorough look at what they have to offer – don’t forget there’s more than meets the eye. It will help to give you peace of mind by knowing exactly what your child will be seeing and doing every time they’re at day-care. All Integricare Long Day Care centres offer tours and open days / nights.

Pack the night before. Make sure you pack your child’s daypack the night before! Not only will this ease first-day morning stress, but it also gives you an opportunity to sit with your child and go through the contents of their bag, explaining where everything is and easing their anxiety along with yours. It also gives you a chance to remember something if you’ve forgot to pack it. If you have forgotten an item, an Integricare Long Day Care centre will have spare supplies for the essentials.

Communicate. One of the golden rules of childcare is communicating. At Integricare we pride ourselves on developing a connection between parent, child and Educators to ensure there are no surprises, once your child attends. While many childcare members learn about your child very quickly, it’s encouraged to talk to your child about what to expect and talk to the Educators  about the personality of your child and their tendencies. This way, at pick-up and drop-off, there’s no awkwardness about asking for an update on your child’s wellbeing, or the Educators telling you about the adventures of the day. By keeping an open line of communication, the dark corner that the fear of the unknown occupies in your mind becomes smaller and stops jabbering away whilst you’re trying to work.

Prepare for a whirlwind of emotions. Prepare a travel pack of tissues in your bag and even some make up for a quick touch up later. The first drop off at childcare will leave you feeling anxious, miserable and maybe, if you care to admit it, a little gleeful. Leaving your child outside of your own care will be a daunting experience at first, but it will also allow you to gain back a little bit of alone time and your child, their own steps to independence. So, don’t be afraid to pump your stereo or break out that book you’ve been meaning to finish – you deserve some ‘me’ time on the way to work.

Children are much more resilient than we give them credit for. They’re able to bounce back like a yoyo and find the positive in almost any situation. Don’t forget that childcare will be an incredible experience for them! New adventures, experiences and friends are waiting for them, as well as growth in independence, development and mental health. So, get prepared and ready for the first day of childcare – you’ll thank yourself later!

To speak with an Integricare staff member on how we go the extra mile give your local centre a call.

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